Rituals and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death

Niña Blanca

the White Aspect of Santa Muerte


by Tracey Rollin

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Santa Muerte

The Saint of Death



by Tracey Rollin

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- The Seven Colors of Santa Muerte -

Santa Muerte is thought to have either three or seven different aspects, depending whom you ask…read more


The blue aspect of Santa Muerte grants both empathy and practical knowledge.


The red aspect of Santa Muerte deals with love and lust.  This is whom you petition to get a lover – or to get your lover back!


The yellow aspect of Santa Muerte is relied upon for money spells and luck in gambling.


Hi there!  My name is Tracey Rollin,  I was born and raised in New Mexico.

I grew up surrounded by a culture within a culture…

…and I am proud to be sharing my successes with you.

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