Niña Blanca, the White Aspect of Santa Muerte

by Tracey Rollin

The white aspect of Santa Muerte is called Niña Blanca. This is one of the most forgiving and gentle faces of Santa Muerte, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t powerful! Death creates the possibility of new beginnings, which is what Niña Blanca is all about. This is the aspect of Santa Muerte that forgives sins and past mistakes. She purifies and renews, making whole and perfect again that which was broken or dirty.

Someone who is embarking on one of life’s great adventures does well to call upon Niña Blanca. This aspect of Santa Muerte is the guardian of new beginnings, and she is a powerful protector! She can prevent problems from taking root, which is invaluable for someone starting a new business or who is considering buying a home. Niña Blanca lends her acceptance and purifying loving grace to anyone who asks it of her. This makes Niña Blanca a powerful aid for someone who is recovering from addiction.


Her powerful abilities to cleanse, purify and renew are why Niña Blanca is considered the soothing and forgiving face of Santa Muerte.  Niña Blanca washes away bad luck and negative energies, leaving behind a powerful protective shield against negative spells, curses and hexes.  Calling upon Niña Blanca creates a peaceful environment free of bad luck and mischievous energy.

I use Niña Blanca in a very specific way during healing rituals.  When someone falls ill, the negative energy that they accumulate attracts more illness-causing negative energy.  Because Niña Blanca brings with her a powerful aura of cleansing and purification, she quickly drives out the negative energy.  This gives the person a chance to recover – clean means healthy, after all.

The white aspect of Santa Muerte is particularly fond of offerings that symbolize cleansing and renewal.  Her favorite gifts are white flowers and candles.  She also likes glasses of pure water and dishes of salt.  I also often give her seven shiny silver coins when she does me a big favor.

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The rosemary plant is often used with Niña Blanca.  Called the “sickroom herb” for millennia, it has been used to wash sick people because the plant has antibacterial qualities.  It also has a strong, woody odor that was thought to drive off harmful, disease-causing spirits.  Rosemary is often used as an incense because the clouds of smoke are thought to help with this.


Caring for an aloe plant in Niña Blanca’s name is also an excellent offering to make to this aspect of Santa Muerte.  Aloe is mostly water, which is why it brings with it a continuous aura of renewal and purification.  It has also been associated with the dead and spirits of the dead for millennia because it was used for embalming.  This is why aloe goes well with Santa Muerte.


Niña Blanca, like all aspects of Santa Muerte, is famous for her speed.  Many people call upon her daily to ask for her continual guidance and protection.   As with all aspects of Santa Muerte, asking for her help honestly is the best way to get results.