Daily Santa Muerte Prayer for Protection of the Family

by Tracey Rollin

Santa Muerte is called upon by many to protect their families and their children from harm.  In fact, when people ask me for prayers and spell advice, this is the most common request!  It’s not surprising to me that people rely upon Santa Muerte for protection.  Since death is arguably one of the most powerful – and most present – forces in creation, Santa Muerte is always available to help.  This is what contributes to her legendary speed.

This prayer to protect your family from harm can be used several ways.  If your family is facing a specific situation, it’s good to contemplate that before you begin.  Suppose your children are starting a new school, and you want to make sure that they fit in.  You might think about how you’ll want their day to proceed, free from bullies and from problems.  If your husband is about to go on a long road trip, you might focus on making sure he has no accidents or vehicle breakdowns.  These are just some of the many possible uses.  Remember, Santa Muerte has the power to affect just about everything!  Of course this prayer for protection can be recited daily for general protection as well.

This prayer can be said at any time and at any place.  I say one very similar to it every morning when I refresh the water on my Santa Muerte altar.  For this prayer to be most effective, you’ll want to have a picture of your family available.  This helps you focus your intent, which will make this prayer more effective.  Lighting a simple white candle, even just a tea light, is also customary.

The prayer to protect your family is as follows:

Blessed be to Santa Muerte, Our Lady of Death,

Who is the great protector of the living,

And guardian spirit of the dead.

My lovely Skeletal Girl, please watch over me and my family

Keeping us safe from illness and from injury,

And from the curses and maledictions of others.

Please bless us with your wisdom and understanding,

And bring us friendship, good fortune, and love.

I ask this of you now and always, my most beautiful Santa Muerte,

For you are always present and ever-powerful

And I have learned to love you and trust you.

Amen (so mote it be, etc.)

Once you are finished, make sure to thank Santa Muerte for her time and her attention.  Often I give my Santa Muerte statue a little kiss as well.  Since she is famous for her speed, you can expect results immediately.  The more you repeat this prayer, like all others, the stronger its effects will be.  Build a strong relationship with Santa Muerte by praying often!