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My name is Tracey Rollin,
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A little bit more about me.

I was born and raised in New Mexico. I grew up surrounded by a culture within a culture. My own mother is a German immigrant and a devout Catholic, and she raised me in the ways and traditions of her people. My childhood memories are just as full of stories of Thor and Freya as they are of stained glass church windows!

I also enjoyed being surrounded by my warm and friendly Hispanic friends, many of whom were recent Mexican immigrants. Their mothers accepted me quickly into their extended families, calling me “mija” (shortened from the Spanish “mi hija,” which means “my daughter”) and telling me the same stories that they told their own children. I feel lucky to have grown up surrounded by two so different – and in their own ways, so similar – cultures.


Teenage Life…

In my teenage years, my own enthusiasm for the Catholic Church began to wane when I studied the history of why women could not be ordained as priests. Soon I began to practice chaos magic and witchcraft, and have done so for the past twenty years. I have since dedicated my life to the advancement of consciousness, spiritual understanding, and personal strength.

Over the years several of my private students have pushed me to commit my simple magical methods to paper. I published my guide, Meditation Beads for Witches, (available here on Amazon) in May 2014. That led to me being asked to write for The Portal magazine. My article, “The Pearls of Isis,” appears in their Spring 2016 issue.

I began working with Santa Muerte a number of years ago using methods that were familiar to me because of my Catholic childhood roots. My successes have been quite gratifying, and I am proud to be sharing my successes with you. My upcoming book, Santa Muerte – the History, Rituals and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death, will be published by Red Wheel/Weiser Press in fall of 2017!


Keep checking this space for spells, rituals, and blog posts related to Santa Muerte and the practice of magic. I hope that you are well!



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My Recent Posts

Setting Up a Santa Muerte Altar

Setting up a magical altar dedicated to Santa Muerte is a fundamental step in working with her.  If you want her help, you need to give her a place to live and invite her into your home and into your life.  Fortunately setting up a Santa Muerte altar is not a...

Visiting the Graveyard with Santa Muerte

Many magicians who work with death patrons find themselves doing magical rituals in a graveyard at some point.  There is one that I visit so frequently that I have taken to calling it “the office!”  Working with Santa Muerte in the graveyard is an especially natural...

Going Shopping for Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte is a very vivacious, worldly, and elegant figure.  Our Lady of Death enjoys humanity and all the best and most beautiful things that it produces.  She enjoys music and flowers, good food and good company, fine perfumes and lovely clothes, and the best...

Santa Muerte Returns a Stolen Truck

Many people notice that they get fast results working with Santa Muerte – death is famous for her speed.  One working I did in particular gives a good example of just how fast Santa Muerte can be. My brother was a commercial electrician.  He owned a big white Ford...

Easy Santa Muerte Emotional Freedom and Purification Spell

Getting Emotional Freedom with Niña Blanca This water and salt emotional purification spell calls upon the aid of Niña Blanca. Niña Blanca, which means “White Girl” in Spanish, is the powerful purifying face of Santa Muerte.  Hers are the abilities to cleanse, purify...

Niña Dorada, The Gold Aspect of Santa Muerte

Niña Dorada is the gold-colored aspect of Santa Muerte.  She is the specific patroness of wealth and good fortune, and famous for showering her devotees with gifts.  Niña Dorada can bring both jobs and fast cash at the drop of her scythe, making her the favorite of...