Niña Azul, the Blue Aspect of Santa Muerte

by Tracey Rollin

Niña Azul is the aspect of Santa Muerte that is associated with the color blue, hence her name.   She is renowned for her particularly gentle and soothing nature.  This is face of Santa Muerte enhances empathy and practical insight.  These qualities together make it possible to deal with others more effectively.  This can have many useful applications.  Niña Azul can help you create the friends that you need, for example.  This can have can have tremendous power.  A businessman might call upon Niña Azul to make him fast friends with someone who owns a local newspaper, thus gaining the benefit of discounted (or even free) advertising.

Niña Azul has the power to repair damaged relationships or reputations.  A woman trying to pull fighting members of her family back together again can count upon this aspect of Santa Muerte’s aid.  This facet of Santa Muerte is also closely associated with students.  Because she enhances empathy as well as practical insight, she makes it much easier for students to learn from their teachers.  She also helps the teacher communicate with her students.  More than one mother has called upon Niña Azul’s aid to help her struggling kids in school – and received it.

Some people associate this aspect of Santa Muerte with the power of healing.  I ascribe that power to her gold aspect, Niña Dorada, because of her natural vigor.  However, some believe that her soothing and empathetic character makes her the healing face of Santa Muerte.  This idea is strengthened by the fact that she wears blue, and water is often identified with healing and purification.

In addition to the normal sorts of offerings that Santa Muerte likes, Niña Azul likes things that are often shared between people.  Cigarettes and popcorn are both excellent examples.  A natural camaraderie is born between smokers huddled outside under the same eve on a rainy afternoon.  If a stranger asks for a light, a dozen hands will immediate start searching into pockets.  Popcorn is quite frequently shared between people.  It also has the added advantage of being familiar to the Aztecs, and thus appropriate for Santa Muerte.  I have prepared bowls of blue popcorn for Niña Azul on more than one occasion.

In terms of things like incense, Niña Azul likes mentally stimulating odors like lemon and spearmint.  She also likes sweet and soothing floral scents such as lavender.  My favorite scent to use with Niña Azul is plumeria, though.  Plumeria grows throughout the world, including central Mexico.  The Aztecs adored sweet flowers, and the plumeria was particularly special.  After one had been offered to the gods during a ritual, anyone that stole a sacred whiff of its scent was immediately executed.  In other parts of the world, plumeria is thought to be very attractive to ghosts.  Ghosts are even thought to dwell in their flowers.  For these reasons, I like using plumeria with Niña Azul.

Everyone has the need to smooth and sooth relationships at times.  Niña Azul can always be called upon for fast help when you need it.  She also delivers her aid quickly.  This is what makes this aspect of Santa Muerte so popular.

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