Easy Emotional Freedom and Purification Spell

by Tracey Rollin

Getting Emotional Freedom with Niña Blanca

This water and salt emotional purification spell calls upon the aid of Niña Blanca. Niña Blanca, which means “White Girl” in Spanish, is the powerful purifying face of Santa Muerte.  Hers are the abilities to cleanse, purify and restore.

Many people call upon Niña Blanca to address emotional problems such as addiction, depression, grief, and guilt.  By purifying you she can grant you peace from these emotional burdens.  She offers the forgiveness, acceptance and balance that is so desperately needed.  This allows the seeds of hope to take root.  By freeing you from these emotional burdens, this aspect of Santa Muerte allows you to make better judgements.  This can lead you to solutions to your problems that you otherwise might not have seen.

How to Perform this Spell

This emotional purification spell is easy to do.  It relies upon Niña Blanca’s power, along with the naturally cleansing properties of water and salt.  A single white candle is also needed to perform this spell.  You will also need a white candle that can easily burn itself down to completion, like a tea light or a birthday candle.  I normally perform this spell at my altar, but it can be performed anywhere.  I’ve even done it on the road with a bottle of water and a salt packet from a fast food joint!

  1. Place a bowl of water in front of you. Meditate upon the surface of the water.  Think about the reasons you are performing this spell.  Are you depressed or suffering from addiction?  Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?  Do you feel as if you are living under a black cloud and you’re not sure why?
  2. With these thoughts in mind, place the candle on the right side of the bowl and light it. Imagine Nina Blanca standing before you, illuminated by the light of the candle.  Recite the following:

Santa Muerte, my merciful White Girl,

I call upon your power and your aid.

  1. Take three small handfuls of water, and wash them over yourself. If you have a limited amount of water, a few drops will work.  Alternatively, if you are outside you may use half of the dish of water and pour it over yourself instead.  Recite the following:

Blessed Santa Muerte,

With this water I ask that you

Cleanse me of my pain and my grief,

Absolve me of my sins and my errors,

And forgive me of all my past mistakes.

  1. Now add three pinches of salt to the water. With three more small handfuls of water, wash them over yourself.  Again, either a few drops of water or the remainder of the bowl can be used as well.  Recite the following:

Blessed Santa Muerte

With this water I ask that you

Keep me safe against all illness and pain,

Free from the harm caused by others

And the harm that I may do myself.

  1. Now that you have been purified, relax and meditate for a few minutes. Don’t think of anything, just be at peace.  Once you are ready, recite the following:

Santa Muerte, my merciful White Girl,

I rely upon your power and your protection

Keep me secure under your mantle always

Amen (so mote it be, etc.)

Once you are done, let the candle burn itself all the way down and throw it out.  Pour out any remaining water as well, ideally outside.  That’s all you have to do.  I promised you that this spell was easy!  You can repeat this spell as often as you like.  Santa Muerte works fast, so you’ll quickly get the help that you need.