Niña Roja, the Red Aspect of Santa Muerte

by Tracey Rollin

Niña Roja is the red aspect of Santa Muerte.  She’s called upon for matters involving love, sex and passion.  Naturally, this makes her very popular!  This is the aspect of Santa Muerte that you petition if you are trying to get a new lover, keep your lover from straying, or to break up someone else’s love affair.  Angry wives are famous for invoking the powers of Niña Roja in order to make their husbands to return home.  Jealous mistresses are just as likely to call upon her to make sure their cheating man keeps coming back – and with plenty of gifts!

Fighting over lovers is a story as old as any.  More than a few women have gotten into hair-pulling scuffles over men, and men have fought over women since the dawn of time.  Fighting over lovers can get easily nasty – and even violent – because of the strong emotions involved.  That’s why it’s possible to commit a “crime of passion.”

It’s also why it’s said that “all is fair in love and war.”  Indeed, this is the other side of Niña Roja.  Aggression is the flip side of lust and lust, which is another reason why fights over lovers can get so particularly brutal.  Niña Roja is also the side of Santa Muerte that governs aggression, strength and courage.  In fact, Niña Roja overall has a very Mars-oriented feel to her.  Many people whose lives are at risk on a daily basis, such as soldiers and police officers, call upon this aspect of Santa Muerte.  They ask Niña Roja to protect them from physical harm, as well to give them the strength and courage that they need to make it safely through the day.

Niña Roja is a very elegant, beautiful and flirty face of Santa Muerte.  She adores gifts that speak to her grace and loveliness, such as perfume and sparkling jewelry.  I like to raid thrift store jewelry bins to find for her rhinestone necklaces and filigreed bracelets, for example.  I also spray her statue with spritzes of a bottle of perfume that belongs to her alone.  Fiery and flirty types of incense also suit Niña Roja well, such as cinnamon, dragon’s blood, and ylang ylang.  Other common altar offerings dedicated to Niña Roja include red roses, sparkling pink wines, and chocolates.  In fact, if you can imagine giving it to a lady lover, then it’s likely a great offering for Niña Roja.

Interestingly, apples are also frequently associated with this aspect of Santa Muerte.  Apples have an association with death in general, as they are thought to promote remembrance as well as symbolize immortality.  Apples have also long been associated with love and fertility, given the pentacle formed by a cut apple’s seeds.  These facts together make apples the perfect offering to give to Niña Roja.

Getting fast magical help to get a lover or to protect yourself from infidelity is as simple as calling upon Niña Roja.  Like all aspects of Santa Muerte, she is renowned for her speed, often acting in a matter of just hours or days.

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